Income For Life

Fear of Outliving Your Money Ranks Higher Than Fear of Death

A recent study finds baby boomers fear of running out of money in retirement more than they fear death itself.

Of course fear of the unknown is quite common. However, preparation, knowledge and utilization of a fixed Indexed Annuity can help our VRTA members conquer the fear.

Fixed annuities can offer many benefits. One is the opportunity to receive the contract’s value in a stream of income (or monthly paycheck) lasting as long as you live. You can call it “Income Insurance” for your retirement years. You’ll never outlive your monthly payments. Also, unlike traditional annuities, upon death, your beneficiary receives the full accumulation value balance.

Financial Advisors may attempt to calculate lifetime income payments,
but only annuities can guarantee you’ll never outlive your income.

Plus, some products offer the opportunity for continued interest even while you are receiving income.

You can start receiving lifetime income now or you can choose to defer (delay) the start of your income payments. Until your payments begin, your income withdrawal value is guaranteed to grow every year for a specified period of time. Delaying any withdrawals will increase your income – guaranteed!